C.Ph.E. BACHConcerto for fortepiano, harpsicord and orchestra
J.Ch. BACHSymphony op 9 nr 2
J.S. BACHBrandenburg Concerto nr 5
Suite nr 1 in C
Concerto in c minor for 2 harpsichord and strings
Cantate BWV 35 “Geist und Seele wird verwirret”
W.F .BACHSuite
B. BARTOKRumanian folk dances
Divertimento for string orchestra.
Concerto for Orchestra
L.V. BEETHOVENSymphonies nr° 1,2,3, 4,5,6,7,8, 9
Overtures: Prometheus, Egmont, Fidelio,Coriolan
Piano Concertos nr 1,2,3,4,5
Violin Concerto
Triple Concerto
2 Romances for violino e orchestra
Aria “Ah perfido!”
L. BOCCHERINI Symphonies op 35 nr 1, 2, 6
Symphony op 41 in c minor
The Nocturnal Retreat in the Street of Madrid
A. BORODINSymphony nr 2In the Steppes of Central Asia 
J. BRAHMSSymphonies nr 1,2,3,4
Serenades nr 1,2
Variations on a theme by Haydn
Tragic Overture
Academic Festival Overture
Violin Concerto
Double Concerto for violin and cello.
Rhapsody for alto, men chorus and orchestra.
B. BRITTENSimple Symphony
A. BRUCKNEROverture in g minor
Symphony nr 4
A. CASELLASerenade for 5 instruments.
L. CHERUBINISymphony in D
F. CHOPINPiano Concertos nr 1, 2.
P.I. TCHAIKOVSKYSymphonies nr 3,4,5,6
Romeo and Juliet
String Serenade
Suite nr 1
Violin Concerto.
Suite from the ballet “The Nutcracker”
Variations on a Rococò theme
Piano concerto nr 1.
A. CORELLIConcerti grossi op 6 nr 8 e 9
C. DEBUSSYPrèlude a l’apres midi d’un faune
Three Nocturnes
La Mèr
Chanson de Bilitis
La boite a joujoux
G. DONIZETTIMessa di Gloria e Credo
A. DVORAKSymphonies nr 6, 8, 9.
Serenades 1, 2
Slavonic Dances (1st book)
Legends nr 4, 5, 6.
Nocturne for string orchestra.
Cello Concerto.
The Noon Witch
J.L. DUSSEKHarp Concerto op 15
E ELGARSerenade
The Dream of Gerontius (ouverture)
Enigma Variations
M .de FALLAEl Amor Brujo (suite)
Concerts for Harpsichord and 5 instruments
G. FAURE’Masques et bergamasques
Pelléas et Mélisande
C. FRANCKSinfonia in D
G.F .GHEDINISketches for a Credo 
E. GRIEGPeer Gynt (suite nr1)
Piano Concerto.
G.F. HAENDELWater Music
F.J. HAYDNSymphonies nr 21,,45,46,48,49,55,68,76,82,83,88,94,96,100,101,103,104
Symphony Concertante
Piano Concerto in D
P. HINDEMITHThe 4 Temperaments.
5 pieces for strings op 44
Der Schwanendreher
Funeral Music for George V
L. JANACEKConcertino for piano and 6 instruments.
Idyll for strings.
A. KACIATURIANViolin concerto.
J.L. KRUMPHOLTZHarp Concerto nr 6
F. LISZTPiano Concertos nr 1, 2
Lès PreludesHungarian Fantasy
Mephisto walzer nr 1
Hungarian Rhapsody nr 2
G. MAHLERSymphony nr 1
Adagio from Symphony nr 10
G.F. MALIPIEROImpressioni dal vero (I serie)
Dialogue nr 1 (with Manuel de Falla)
Dialogue nr 6 for harpsichord and orchestra
Four old Songs.
F. MENDELSSOHNSymphonies nr 3,4,5
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Concerto for violin, piano and strings in d
Overtures: Le Ebridi, La Bella Melusina
The first Night of Valpurga.
D. MILHAUDLa Creation du Monde
Stanford Serenade
W.A .MOZARTMessa in DO “Coronation Mass”
Ouvertures: Il Sogno di Scipione, Le Nozze di Figaro, Don Giovanni, Così Fan Tutte, Die Zauberflote.
Symphonies K 16, 22,114,134,183,184,201,319, 385,425,504543,550,551
Serenades: K 100, 361,375,388,525
Divertimenti: K 136,137,138, 334
Violin Concertos K 216 e 219
Bassoon Concerto K 191
Horn Concertos K 417,447,495
Clarinet Concerto 622
Flutes Concertos K 313,314
Concerto for Flute and Harp K 299
Piano Concertos K 271, 414,449, 453,466,467,482,488,491,503,595
Concerto for 2 pianos
Concerto for 3 pianos. 
N. PAGANINIViolin Concertos nr 1, 4.
S. PROKOFIEVSymphonies nr 1 “Classic”, nr 5
Violin Concertos nr 2
Peter and The Wolf
Piano Concerto nr 1
S. RACHMANINOVPiano Concertos nr 3, 4.
The Island of dead. 
M. RAVELMy mother goose
Pavane pour une infante défunte
Daphnis et Chloé II suite
Le Tombeau du Couperin
Piano Concerto for left hand
Introduction and allegro
3 Poems from Mallarmè
O. RESPIGHIFountaines of Rome
Botticelli’s Tryptich
Roman Festival
Brazilian Impressions
The Birds
A. ROUSSELPetite Suite 
C. SAINT SAENSThe Carnival of Animals
Wedding Cake
A. SCHOENBERGVerklärte Nacht
Pierrot Lunaire
Chamber Symphony nr 1
Serenade op 24
Ode to Napoleon
F .SCHUBERTSymphonies nr 3,4, 5,6,7,8
Rosamunde, queen of Cyprus
2 Overtures in Italian style.
R. SCHUMANNSynphonies nr 2,3,4
Overture, Scherzo and Finale
Piano Concerto
Cello Concerto
Manfred ouverture
D. SHOSTAKOVITCHSymphonies nr° 5,8.10
Chamber Symphony op 110a
Piano Concerto nr 1.
Plleas and Melisande
B .SMETANAThe Moldava
R. STRAUSSDon Quixote
Wind Serenade
Das Burger aus Edelmann
I. STRAVINSKYThe Firebird(suites)
Pulcinella (suite)
Symphonies of wind instruments
Suites nr 1 and 2String
The Soldier’s Tale
Poetry of Japanese lyric and 2 Poems by Balmont.
Ode to Natalia Koussevitzki
Wind Octect
The Rite of the Spring
H. VILLA-LOBOSBachiana brasileira nr 9
J.V .VORISEKSymphony in D
G.Ch. WAGENSEILHarp Concerto
R. WAGNERSigfried Idyll
Prelude and Isolde’s death from Tristan and Isolde
Thannauser Overture
C.M. von WEBEROvertures: Oberon, Euryanthe
A.WEBERNPassacaglia op 1
Concerto op 24
6 pieces for orchestra op 6
5 pieces per orchestra op 10
K. WEILLThe Seven Deadly Sins
W. WALTONFaçade: an Entertainment
B. BARTOKThe Bluebeard Castle
V. BELLINILa Sonnambula
G. CAPITANIOPasqua Fiorentina
G. DONIZETTIL’Elisir d’AmoreLucia di Lammermoor
L. DA PONTEL’Ape musicale (New York version on music by Rossini, Zingarelli, Salieri, Cimarosa, Mozart)
F.J. HAYDNL’Isola Disabitata
G.F .MALIPIEROSogno di un Tramonto d’Autunno.

Il Mito di Caino

W.A. MOZARTCosì fan tutte
Le Nozze di Figaro
Don Giovanni
Die Zauberflote
G. PAISIELLOLe due Contesse
F. POULENCLa Voix Humaine
Madama Butterfly
La Fanciulla del West
Gianni Schicchi
G. ROSSINIIl Barbiere di Siviglia
La Cambiale di Matrimonio
Il Signor Bruschino
A. SAVINIOLa Morte di Niobe
La Traviata
Un ballo in maschera
K. WEILLMarie Galante 
CONTEMPORARY REPERTOIREThis list includes only the most important Composers and works of hundreds conducted in these years, often as first performances. It’s very difficult to say when Contemporary Music begins. Here you can find Composers working in the 2nd half of the XX Century and in the beginning of XXI Century. If you look for Schoenberg or Sciostakovitch you’ll find them in the traditional repertoire.
* First Performances 
** First Performances in Italy 
*** Performances prepared with the Composer. 
G. BATTISTELLITeorema (2 acts opera) ***
L. BERIOVariations for Chamber Orchestra
Alleluja II ***
O King
Folk Songs
C. BOCCADOROCadillac Moon * ***
Ultrafragola * ***
I cavoli a merenda ***
Le Marteau sans Maitre
J. CAGE30 pieces for 5 Orchestras ** ***
S. CALLIGARISToccata, Adagio and Fugue * ***
Double Concerto * ***
Piano Concerto ***
Choreographic Scenes
E. CARTERMosaic **
Tempo e tempi
N. CASTIGLIONISinfonietta * ***
Inverno in-ver
Momenti musicali
Suite Dodo
Poudre d’Ofelia ** ***
Ite bellu ** ***
Pia (1 act opera) ** ***
L. DALLAPICCOLALittle Concert for Muriel Couvreux
4 Songs by Machado
2 Lyrics by AnacreonteLittle Night Music
Divertimento in 4 esercizi
F. DONATONIVociLe Ruisseau sur l’Escalier ***
Etwas Ruhiger im AusdrĂĽck
ArpègeLumenTema ***
Duo pour Bruno
Cello Concerto nr 2 * ***
P.GLASSConcerto for 2 Timpanists and Orchestra
Vortex Temporum
G. LIGETIFragment
M .LINDBERGRitratto * ***
B. MADERNADon Perlimplin (radio opera)
Serenata per un satellite
A. PARTRequiem for Benjamin Britten
F .PENNISIDescrizione dell’Isola Ferdinandea (1 act opera) * ***
Sylvia Simplex
G. PETRASSIConcerts for Orchestra n° 2,3,4 ***
La Noche Oscura
Poems for Strings and Trumpets.
Flute Concerto
Laudes Creaturarum * ***
Chamber Sonata for Harpsichord and 10 Instruments.
Grand Septuor ***
Coro di morti ***
2 lyrics by Saffo ***
H. POUSSEURCrosses of crossed colors ***
Rime pour différent sources sonores
A .REIMANNSieben Fragmente fur Robert Schumann
S .RENDINELucia! (Opera) * ***
Orlando * ***
N. ROTALa strada (The Road) Suite from the Ballet
G. SCELSIKya ***
Pranam II ***
S .SCIARRINOThe country without dawn
Through the Gates
M. TARALLILa Maschera di Punkitititi (2 acts opera) * ***
M. TORKETelephon books
C. TOGNIAubade per 6
Some Other WhereRondeaux per 10 ***
Barrabas (1 act opera)
Du Bleicher Geselle
I. VANDORCrossed letters
In memoriam Tadeusz Moll
P. VASKSVoices
B.A .ZIMMERMANOboe Concerto